With elevations anywhere from 6200 to over 8000 feet, Lake Tahoe presents many challenges for suppliers to our region. Not only delivery issues, but environmental considerations that come into play when windows and other products are subjected to the pressure and temperature changes that are common to our area. We can see temperature swings of 50+/- degrees in a single day. Our elevation exposes products to a much higher level of ultra-violet rays than encountered at lower elevations. We have seen many products and suppliers come and go because they were unprepared to regularly service our area. Often their products simply were unable to hold up over time to the challenges presented by our climate and elevation.  With over 40 years experience in Lake Tahoe, we have gained a unique perspective that allows you to count on S. Shore Glass and Door to help you find the right products best suited to your project. Browse through our product list shown here, then come visit our showroom and talk with our staff. WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU ON YOUR PROJECT!

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