Window BoneYard

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Without pointing any fingers or accusing anyone . . .  we seem to have acquired a few windows over time that might be just right for that special project you might have. 

Check here for a list of windows at great prices!

Ply Gem Vinyl Windows:

       White Vinyl Windows: 

                2- 94 x 48 XOX (NFS) Tripe Glazed w/Low-E Glass

                1- 46 x 48 XO (NFS) w/Obscure Triple Glazed Low-E

        Sand Color Vinyl Windows:

                1- 6030 XO Dual Glazed w/Low-E Glass

                1- 6030 Fixed Dual Glazed w/Low-E Glass

All Weather Windows:

        Dove Gray Finish:

                 1- 12080 OXXO Patio Door w/Screen and Hardware

                      Low-E Dual Glazed $3,750.00

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